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What to Expect Next

What to Expect Next

Congratulations on the purchase of your new home and welcome to the Associated Homes family.

One of the most important events in life is purchasing a home. Whether this is your first home or your last home, this event can often times be difficult to navigate. The purpose of this document is to help you through the process and prepare you for "What to Expect Next".

It is extremely important and we expect you to read this document completely as it describes what you can expect from us and what we expect from you.

Being prepared for each of the major milestone events discussed will greatly help facilitate the process and prevent significant delays.

During the course of this process you may be instructed to speak with specific individuals from Associated Homes, Inc. The purpose of this contact will be to obtain certain information from you that we do not already have or to provide you with critical information you need to complete certain milestones.

It is important that you speak only to those you are directed to otherwise you may receive incorrect information that can lead to unnecessary frustration and delays.

There are several major events that need to take place in order for the process to work smoothly. These events include your Contract Documents, Construction Financing, Changes, Customer Plan Review, Acquiring your Building Permit, Color Selection, Lot Preparation, Home Construction, Pre Settlement and Post Settlement Service & Warranty. Each of these events are discussed in detail so that you fully understand what to expect next.

Contract Documents

Contract Documents

The first major event is completing a Construction Agreement with your Sales Manager. Any options or changes you are purchasing that effect the standard floor plan are to be addressed with your Sales Manager at the time you complete the Construction Agreement.

This Agreement is sent to the main office and is processed. Within two to four weeks from the date of your Agreement you can expect to receive a fully executed copy.

In the event you choose to cancel your Agreement you may receive a refund of all or part of your initial deposit. In the event costs have been incurred you will receive a partial refund and an itemized list of the costs incurred including a nominal processing fee. If your file has not been processed and we have not incurred any expenses you will receive a refund minus a processing fee.

If you are financing your home, it is your responsibility to apply for, obtain and close your construction loan within 60 days of the date on the Construction Agreement. If you do not, Associated Homes has the right to cancel your Agreement.

If you are an out-of-town customer and you do not plan on returning to Port St. Lucie for several months we expect you to let us know. You will need to complete a Customer Plan Review and complete your Color Selections now. If you do not, this will lead to major delays and additional expenses.

If the information you provided as part of the Construction Agreement changes such as your telephone number (home or cell) or address we expect you to contact Associated Homes, Inc. main office, speak with Customer Care and provide your new information.

Construction Financing

If you are financing your home we recommend you make arrangements with your lender for a one year commitment. Due to the growth in the area and recent material shortages, the average delivery time is approximately 11 to 13 months from the Agreement date. We will construct your home in accordance with the terms & conditions set forth in the Construction Agreement however we are not and will not be responsible for any rate changes or any renewal fees.

All construction draw requisitions are to be pre-signed by you at the time you close your construction loan. Delays in signing these draw requisitions or approving the construction draws will significantly delay the completion of your home as all construction will stop until such time as the draw in questions is processed and received by our office.



From the time you complete your Construction Agreement until your Plan Review and Color Selection appointment, you have a significant amount of time to choose the Color items for you new home.

We strongly urge you visit the Color Selection room at the model center during this time so you are prepared once you get to your Plan Review Meeting and Color Selection Meeting.

As mentioned previously, once the plan review meeting has been completed, we will not allow any change that effects the plan. Once you have completed your color selections your file will be processed so that we can proceed with the construction of your home. If you wish to request a change to your selections after your color selections have been completed you will need to provide Customer Care with a non-refundable check in the amount of $500.00 along with a written description of you change request.

We will not evaluate your request until we have both items in our possession. If we can quickly determine that due to the construction stage of your home we can not accommodate your request we will return your check and notify you of this outcome.

If we are able to accommodate your change request you will be expected to sign a written change order within 48 hours of our notification to you. In the event you proceed with your change we will apply your $500.00 check to the total cost of the change. If you choose not to proceed we will keep your $500.00 check as a processing fee.

We will not proceed until our Change Request form is executed by both parties and the balance of the fee has been collected from you.

Changes after Plan Review and Color Selections are extremely complicated, very expensive and time consuming for both parties. Further, they often times cause significant delays and we highly discourage these changes.

You may have several weeks or months to prepare for both the Plan Review meeting and your Color Selection. Use this time wisely as we will strictly enforce this change policy. Enforcement of this policy will enable us to better serve you and meet your expectations.

Customer Plan Review

Construction Plan Review

All plan relevant changes to your home should have been addressed with your Sales Manager when you completed your Construction Agreement (If they have not and you require plan additional plan changes you will experience substantial delays and significant additional costs).

These plan relevant changes are then reviewed, compiled and sent to drafting to create your home specific plan and your survey is ordered. This plan is the basis for this meeting, the building permit application and construction of your home.

Once we receive your plan back from drafting, and you have closed your construction loan, you can expect to be contacted by Customer Care to schedule a Plan Review Meeting. Only those individuals identified as Purchasers on the Construction Agreement will be permitted to attend this meeting.

It is extremely important and we expect you come to this meeting prepared. To help facilitate this meeting we ask you to either leave your cell phones at home or have them turned off.

At this meeting we will review your survey and your list of changes and validate they have been accurately reflected on the plan. Further, we will discuss any other items that you may be requesting pricing for changes to your home.

This is your opportunity to make additional plan changes. If you request additional changes that require a revision to the plan, this will cause at least a 30 to 45 day delay and you will incur re-drafting fees and possibly surveying fees.

This is your opportunity to, and we expect you to be prepared to do the following:

  • Specify changes to flooring materials e.g. change carpet to tile
  • Specify tub/shower changes e.g. upgrade from soaking tub to whirlpool tub or eliminate tub and add shower
  • Specify standard or raised vanities
  • Specify changes to the roofing material e.g. upgrade from dimensional shingles to metal or tile roof
  • If your lot is larger than the standard lot, be prepared to decide if you want to sod per allowance or to only sod the lot based on the standard 8000 square foot allowance
  • Specify if you want an irrigation system or well
  • Specify if you are purchasing a pool
  • Specify if you want a screened porch
  • Specify any electrical changes
  • Provide alternate contact information if you are an out of town customer

ALL issues must be resolved by the end of this Plan Review meeting. Open issues will cause an undetermined delay and prevent the plans and building permit application from being submitted to the governing municipality.

Aquiring Your Building Permit

Once all issues have been resolved and the plans are ready we will complete and submit a building permit application to the governing municipality.

At this point the process is out of our hands and in the hands of the building department. The overall timeline from the date the permit application is submitted until we receive the actual permit can be anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks. Often this time frame is much longer as a result of the backlog in the building department.

Once the building permit has been submitted to the municipality and in accordance with your Construction Agreement do not expect to make any changes.

Under no circumstance will we allow any changes that affect the plan once the permit application has been submitted as they will cause significant delays and you will incur significant additional costs.

Color Selection

Color Selection

You can expect to be contacted by Associated Home's Color Consultant to schedule your Color Selection after your loan closing. The Consultant will be contacting you to schedule an appointment to complete the color selections for your new home. These appointments will be scheduled Monday through Friday during regular business hours.

During this 90 minute appointment you will be selecting the following:

  • Paint Colors-Interior & Exterior
  • Roofing-Grade & Color
  • Carpet-Grade & Color
  • Tile-Grade & Color
  • Kitchen Cabinets & Countertops
  • Kitchen Sink & Faucet
  • Bath Vanities and Tops
  • Tubs & Toilets-Color
  • Interior Hardware-Color
  • Appliances-Color

Some of these items will vary depending upon the model home you have purchased.

If you choose to have your home built "as per model" you will still need to schedule an appointment so we can review and finalize your Color Selection form. Further, the models may contain items that have been discontinued and you will be required to review the replacements and sign the Color Selection form.

You have a great deal of time from the date you complete your Construction Agreement until your color selection appointment. The color selection room with your available choices is located in the model center and is available to you 7 days a week. We expect you to visit the color selection room prior to your appointment and get familiar with your choices.

PAINT: We use Sherwin Williams paint products for our interior and exterior paint. If you choose to have your house painted with a color scheme other than "as per model", visit your nearest Sherwin Williams showroom and select the colors you desire. Bring the color swatches that contain the Sherwin Williams product ID number with you to your Color appointment. Designer palates such as Martha Stewart are not included.

You will be choosing exterior paint colors for the following locations: Main House (body), Trim, Front Door, Garage Door.

You will be choosing interior paint colors for the following locations: Walls & Ceiling (one color), depending on your model Doors & Trim (one color). Please note If you choose to have your walls and ceilings a different color you can do so for an additional charge.

ROOFING: Grades and colors are available in the color selection room.

CARPET: Grades and colors are available in the color selection room.

TILE: You will be selecting tile and grout for the following locations: Front Porch, Main House and Bathrooms.

Along with floor tile in your bathrooms, depending upon the model you have purchased you may be required to select tile for your shower pan and shower walls.

All tile grades and colors are available in the color selection room.

KITCHEN CABINETS & COUNTERTOPS: All granite and corian samples are available in the color selection room.

KITCHEN SINK & FAUCET: These items are as per model. You will be selecting color only. Color selections depend on the model purchased.

BATH VANITIES & TOPS: Standard is as per specifications per contract for custom homes or as per model.

TUBS & TOILETS: You will be selecting color for toilets and guest bath tubs(white or bone). Master tubs are cultured marble and usually match vanity top selections.

INTERIOR HARDWARE: You will be selecting finish only depending on your model.

APPLIANCES: You will be selecting color only depending on your model.

All selections must be completed by the end of the appointment. For any item not selected or completed you will be charged a $50.00 processing fee for each item. Further, your file can not be processed until it is 100% complete. Please be prepared and avoid additional charges and delays starting or completing your home.

Lot Preparation

Lot Preparation

Your Sales Manager will arrange for lot preparation quotes in conjunctions with your Construction Agreement documents as discussed previously. Lot prep will be preformed by one of Associated Homes approved lot prep contractors only.

Following the submission of your building permit application to the governing municipality, we will schedule your lot to be cleared and prepared. It will be scheduled in such a manner that the completion will coincides with the expected receipt of your building permit.

Since there can be a great deal of variation between the expected receipt of your building permit and when we actually receive your building permit from the municipality, your lot may be cleared and prepared several weeks in advance. Expect a several week delay between the time your lot is prepared and the time we actually begin construction.

Please do not contact our office to see why your lot has been cleared and sitting without activity. This only causes a further delay in starting the construction of your home.


Once we receive your building permit from the governing municipality we will assign a framing superintendent to your home, schedule and begin construction.

If you would like to know your framing superintendent you can call Customer Care and they will advise you of the super's name.

Once the foundation has been excavated and underground utilities have been installed, the form boards are as-built by the surveyor and submitted to the municipality for approval. There is usually a one week turnaround for this activity. Expect at least one week to go by without any activity as we can not proceed until we receive the form board approval from the municipality. Please do not call us to find out why construction has stopped. It will only cause further delay.

Once we receive approval from the municipality we will pour the slab and continue the construction process. At certain stages during construction, the municipality requires specific inspections be conducted.

In the event you selected a particular garage position for your home that was opposite the FPL electric pole or you chose an underground service, be sure to pay FPL directly for these additional charges as soon as you see your roof installed. If you do not, we will be unable to complete the home until you resolve this with FPL. If neglected this can cause a major delay.

Once your home has passed the insulation inspection our framing superintendent will turn over the home to one of our finish superintendent who will complete your home and conduct your final walk through with you.

During the final phases of construction the municipality provides two critical services relating to the completion of your home. First, they supply and install your sewer grinders. Other than scheduling the installation, we have no control over this matter.

Second, they supply the approved cut sheet for installing the swale liners (drainage channels). Due to the recent growth and their current backlog we are experiencing delays receiving these item.

Pre Settlement

Pre Settlement

Approximately two weeks before your home is completed you can expect to be contacted by our Closing Coordinator. The Closing Coordinator will be scheduling a walk through of your home with our finish superintendent as well as your pre-settlement meeting.

You will have a walk thru of your home with our finish superintendent first then immediately following you will have your pre-settlement meeting at our office.

During your walk through, only those persons that are named on the Construction Agreement shall attend the walk through.

Following your walk through you are expected to attend your pre settlement meeting at our office. Prior to this meeting we expect you to have the sewer, water and electric active in your name.

During this meeting we will do the following:

  • Review Builders Settlement Statement-an itemized list of any additional charges
  • Resolve any discrepancies
  • Calculate final amount due

You may have incurred additional charges during construction due to the size, location or accessibility to your lot. Your lot may be surrounded by finished homes or heavily wooded lots hindering full access to your home. In this case the builder may have been required to rent specialized equipment such as cranes and concrete pumps. These fees are not included in the contract and you will be required to pay these at this time.

At this time you are to provide the final payment to the Closing Coordinator.

We will prepare the final draw and bank documents for submission to the lending institution. Your will be required to sign these documents.

Once these documents are signed and we have your final payment you will receive the following documents:

  • Home Buyers Warranty Pack
  • Final Survey
  • Termite Certificate
  • Shutter Certificate
  • Vendor list

We require the final draw to be made payable to Associated Homes, Inc. In this case, once we receive the final draw our Closing Coordinator will contact you and instruct you to come to our office. At that time we will provide you with your house keys and the Certificate of Occupancy.

If you demand the final payment be made payable as a two party check, we will require the closing take place at the title company in a third party environment. Once we receive the final check that has been endorsed properly, then and only then will the keys and Certificate of Occupancy be provided.

Post Settlement Homeowner Service & Warranty

Post Settlement Homeowner Service & Warranty

When you pick up your keys after issuance of the Certificate of Occupancy you will receive among other documents a Home Buyers Warranty Booklet and a Vendor List.

The Home Buyers Warranty booklet clearly defines the warranty responsibility of the builder as outlined in the "Construction Quality Standards" section.

In the event you have an issue with your home we expect you to review the appropriate section of this warranty booklet prior contacting any vendors. The booklet established the quality standard that is to be met based upon you particular issue. This will allow you to act in an informed and appropriate manner.

This Vendor list will contain the telephone numbers for each of the companies who built your home.

In the event you have a problem with your new home we expect you to contact the appropriate vendor directly. Tell them you are an Associated Homes customer and provide them with your full name, address and telephone number. They will schedule an appointment with you.

Only in the event you have a problem scheduling a vendor or they do not fix your problem in accordance with the Homebuyers Warranty booklet are you to contact Associated Homes directly. Prior to contacting us please have your facts documented. We will intervene and do our best to resolve the issue.

Important Telephone Numbers

Florida Power & Light
What for: Electric service
Bell South
What for: Telephone Service
St. Lucie County Utilities
What for: Sewer & Water
Comcast Cable
What For: Cable TV
AHI Customer Care
(772) 343-0302
What for: Customer coordination and questions
AHI Sales Managers
(772) 343-8228
What for: Sales questions only
AHI Closing Coordinator
(772) 343-0302
What for: Schedule your pre-settlement walk through and meeting
City of Port St. Lucie Utility System Dept.
What for: In the event of delays caused by the supply and/or installation of your sanitary sewer grinder.

Who Do I Contact When...

  • I have a question regarding my Construction Agreement (Contract): Contact your Sales Manager
  • I have a question about my Plan Review meeting: Associated Homes, Inc. (AHI) Architectural Designer-Lisa Mencer
  • I want to make a change request: Color Selection Specialist-Tina Summerlin
  • I have a question about the construction status of my home: Tina Summerlin - AHI Customer Care
  • I need to pay for additional fee for overhead or underground electric service: Florida Power & Light
  • I need to transfer electric service to my name before closing on my home: Florida Power & Light.
  • I need to transfer the sewer and water services to my name before closing on my home: St. Lucie County Utilities
  • I want to schedule or re-schedule my pre-settlement walk through and meeting: Associated Homes, Inc. Closing Coordinator Deborah Stevens
  • I need to order telephone service for my new home: Bell South
  • I need to order cable TV service for my new home: Comcast Cable
  • I have a warranty repair that needs to be fixed: Contact the appropriate vendor using your Vendor List provided to you at you Pre Settlement meeting.

Estimated Timeline

Estimated Timeline

Thank You For Choosing Associated Homes, Inc.